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Located approximately 45 minutes from San Antonio, Bandera County and its namesake county seat are proud to be called the “Cowboy Capital”. Rustic hill country terrain, meandering creeks and the Medina River make up a picturesque landscape that invokes memories of the old western movies. Speaking of westerns-these folks take their history seriously; paying homage to John Wayne at the O.S.T. Restaurant or its patron saint of music Arkey Blue, no matter where you turn, there’s a reference to someone or something from the past. Properties are typically readily available for purchase and as the years go by prices are certainly increasing. With the influx of out-of-staters, Bandera is fast becoming a competitive real estate market. Typically easy to find 100 acres or more in the western side of the county, it is becoming harder to find 20+ acre tracts in the areas of Pipe Creek and Medina lake. Some of the last best value buys in the hill country can be found here. Yall go have a beer and walk main street then call me! Yee Haw!

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