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Blanco County is located on the Edwards Plateau. Located west of Austin(Travis County), just 45 miles separates the progressive hipster’centric Capital city and the conservative, traditional Blanco County. Home to President L.B. Johnson, the county population is still under 14,000. The county seat is Johnson City and the county is named for the Blanco River. The State of Texas formed Blanco County in 1858 from portions of Burnet, Comal, Gillespie and Hays counties.

As the primary thoroughfare to reach Fredericksburg, Blanco county feeds off tourism with many local crafts and boutique shops along its main street. The best part about Blanco county are the Christmas lights. Millions adorn a grove of live oaks as well as the old county courthouse on town square. Grab a hot chocolate and take a ride in a horse drawn carriage-then call me to find your legacy property!

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