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Medina county is named for the river that flows to the south. The northern part of the county lies within the Edwards Plateau, which glides into the Texas Hill Country. Thick cedar breaks, large bald cypress lined river banks and rocky terrain eventually lays out to fertile farming and ranching pastures. The Medina dam was the fourth largest in the nation when completed in 1913; Medina Lake was built by 1500 skilled workers who worked in shifts operating 24 hours a day to complete the dam in two years.

As you enter Hondo, a sign reads “This Is Gods Country, Don’t Drive Through It Like Hell”. This once sleepy town is fast becoming a suburban area of SA as is Castroville to the south and the growing pains show, with new roads and construction signs found all over the area. Castroville proudly proclaims its 96 historical homes with a population of just 3000! Property values in this rural county have and continue to rise-with close proximity to San Antonio, this area boasts the best of both South TX and the Hill Country. A premier hunting region under an hour to the fifth largest city brings more pesos than some may expect. This is TexMex heaven, don’t pass it up if you find yourself in the area! Send me a message here.

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