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Deciding to Sell

Sellers have a big decision to make when they choose a listing agent. Unfortunately for them, after watching the typical agent “song and dance”, it is hard to distinguish between who is qualified, who will do the best job and of course why this person better suits my property than that person. Here is what I will tell you at the bare minimum, hire a ranch agent. Not someone who has listed under their name “Residential / Commercial / Leasing / Lake / Ranches etc”; hire a legitimate specialist in rural and ranch properties. The first time someone asks Hickory or Trinity and your agent doesn’t know you lost a potential sale. Or maybe they don’t know the difference between polywire and barbed wire, again, could lose the sale. One final example, if there is oak wilt on the property can your typical residential agent identify it correctly and will they know if other trees in the area will be susceptible? I can go on, as there are countless examples of why folks selling rural acreage should be wary of the typical real estate agent, but I think you get my point.

So why TRS and specifically why me? I chose Texas Ranch Sales LLC as my broker for the same reason you should choose me marketing. I haven’t seen another ranch broker in TX do it better. So what do I know about marketing? I spent over 15 years as the CEO of a successful branding, marketing and design company that specialized in the extremely competitive healthcare market. If I could get a patient to choose one dentist over the three on the other corners, I can get your buyer to choose to look at your property.

TRS is a leader in both print and digital media for Texas ranch marketing for two reasons, 1) They put their money where their mouth is, with a monthly budget that exceeds most ranch brokerages annual spend. 2) We have a dedicated team with years of experience. Just look at our website, Facebook, Instagram and the over 30 periodicals we place ads in each month. Review the Texas Ranch Journal we publish in house that goes out to over 15,000 subscribers across the country each quarter. The TRS marketing division allows me to focus on finding a buyer, but my marketing even goes further. I personally spend over $5000 per month marketing myself and my listings to buyers across the country and my sales demonstrate my success. As we round out the year, I will have personally been responsible for over $20 million in total sales in 2020. This puts me in the top for sales agents in the state.

I’ll leave you with a final consideration I am a full-time agent, this is not my “side hustle”. I take you and your business personally, and I pride myself on my work ethic. I make sales, let your property be my next and then allow me the opportunity to represent you as you make your next real estate purchase. I look forward to the opportunity.

Call me anytime – 512.709.3424 or email me at mfranek(at)texasranchsalesllc(dotted)com

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